The Sailors Gang And Their Stories (Reminiscing).

You keep asking where are the Sailors Gang? A lot has been said about the Sailors Gang, a lot has been assumed. Although the gang gave a tremendous life show during its peak, they lost their energy and eventually began to drag behind.

Failure is just a stepping stone to success and as the Gang wallow in silence, the suspense is killing us. Fans need to know what\’s up. The label is working on a convinient scheme to accommodate them. We hope they see light in that and claim their power back. Lexxy Yung is still working on his music and has proven to get better with time.

Who are the Sailors Gang?

Comprising Miracle Baby, Qoqos Juma, Shalkido, Masilver and Lexxy Yung, the Sailor music group rose to fame in the year 2019 when gengetone was just hitting the streets. In fact, the streets still credit them among the pioneers of the genre. Their songs had this type of energy that often amazed the crowd. If you were living in such times, you definitely dig this.

The Nigerian band, ultimate sounds are fond of their songs, the entire East Africa and Kenya at large.

All mega hits from the group included Wamlambez, Katanisha, Pekejeng, Jesu ni mwathani, wainame, berita etc.

They have featured great artists on their songs like Nadia Mukami, Mr Seed, Magix Enga, Boondocks Gang & Ethics Gang. When Peris Wacera wrote a piece on Tuko news, this is what she had to say.

\”The Kenyan entertainment industry is more than a mom and pop business. Carving a reputation in this industry is one of the major challenges that musical groups face. One of the groups that have successfully braved the odds is the Sailors gang. The Sailors group is among the music bands in Kenya that have fans of different demographics due to their nature and music style.\”

Check out their music on YouTube regardless.

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