The Sensual Girl: Teslah Takes Us Back On A Love Rollercoaster On Best.

Words Curated By Brenda.

Teslah Kenya has given us yet another dance craze that requires little more than the usual whining on the seat type of banger.

Best inspires countless episodes of above-the-waist breakdowns and an unfortunate number of full-body dance-floor takeovers that leaves you hyped up and pumped. The song begins with Teslah\’s sweet French line, \”Merci A Vous\” which means Thank You and we all know with French there\’s the deep romantic meaning or one is trying to be flirtious.

As a result, Teslah didn\’t fail us with the lyrics as her workplay is fantastic and they flow with the beat. She expresses her wants and love through this dance hall single vibing with it throughout.

Click the link below to access the song.

However, I felt that she would\’ve added some background story to her lyrics despite it being simple and straight to the point. The lyrics appear to be colliding and my main question is; are you vibing with your ex or are you replacing your ex with another hanky panky?

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