The ShamraShamra Gang Wameoga Na Kurudi Soko.

By Brenda.

Just from Balaa into Soko. Soko means Market in English and as we all know, the world doesn\’t end after you have been left by your significant other.

When one is dumped they should not sulk but instead pick themselves up and go after the other many fish in the sea. The phrase is currently being used by most netizens especially in advising their fellows after a hard heartbreak or pulling through a just ended situationship.

From FrankieJustGymIt, Amber Ray, Carol Sonnie to Stevo Simple boy\’s ex Pritty Vishy: they\’re all out there. Wamerudi rudi Soko.Soko is set to be released on soon. The banger is from Black Market Records\’ own Mbuzi Gang featuring Harrycraze of Rico Gang and Unspoken Salaton. The squad have a way of blending and prefixing their verses. The song has an upbeat vibes and creative visuals.

In the trailer video, we see them bidding once in a while on the available \”fish\” in the auction room stating that there are many people out their available for a relationship. There\’s so much to enjoy than just sulking and trying to get the clarity you need.

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