The Story Behind Swat\’s Ex Ft Shekina.

By Daisy,

Music has been a dear friend to all of us since the beginning of time, it\’s always been way to express our feelings,life experiences and even expectancies in life.

Music has evolved through the years and artists all over the world have always come up with creative ways to tell their story. Kenya is no exception when it comes to growth as our taste and perception has changed in a good way. That brings Gengetone to the lime light as it\’s Kenya\’s very own music genre by the youth.

The journey of Gengetone noticeably starts with a music group known as Ethic Entertainment with their song \’Lamba Lolo\’ which really introduces them and their music to Kenyans which recieves a good reception with the youth. This really starts up their revolutionary journey in the music scene.

Today we are going to focus on one specific member of the group, Swat Matire. This young man is the glue keeping this genre and also Ethic Entertainment together as he is the only one till creating music.Swat Matire has been recently been named as \’Gengetone Fire\’ by Spotify and this is a great accomplishment and will sure go down in history as a revolutionary.

He has done nothing but be on top of his game since Gengetone starts and has has big collaborations with the biggest names in the music scene. Today are talking about is recent project called EX which he featured Shekinah.The song a basically about this toxic ex lover that doesn\’t seem to talk no for an answer and despite the relationship being over the girl just wants to go back to the guy\’s life and mend things yet the guy has moved on and has finally found his peace.

I absolutely love this perception as it is the truth of what is happening in modern day relationships. I\’d highly recommend listening to the track, this is proof that Swat Matire never disappoints.

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