Thee Exit Band Are Back With A Love Message.

By Gloria,

If you don\’t think love songs are dominating the music industry then you\’re wrong. Try to think of ten popular songs that never mention love,right? Now think of ten that do, a lot right? Love songs are what everyone wants to hear, wether it\’s about falling in love or heartbreaks.

They have a sense of healing and satisfaction in them and Thee Exit Band got us all sorted out with their love songs, first from \’Mapenzi Raha\’ and now to \’Love\’.What Thee Exit Band cannot express through actions, conversations and daily interactions with freedom and ease, they can express through different artistic ways.

Their recently released song \’ Love\’ evokes passion as quoted from the lyrics \”Ive never seen a girl like you before…..Ntakupenda mpaka tu kifo\”.A lot of things have been said and are being said about love but the three talented artists portray it as a feeling that should be celebrated and not condemned. Love appals us and attracts us, scares us and emboldens us, all at the same time, but we\’re encouraged to love and allow ourselves to be loved.

The song ,Love ,made me relate to it automatically and resonate with it more than lyrics, you will too. Their previous songs like Mapenzi Raha seems to have given them an inspiration for alot of other songs and we as fans are very proud.Show some love for Thee Exit band by streaming their songs through out the music platforms.

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