Thee Exit Band’s Jam ‘Mapenzi Raha’ Hits Over 100k YouTube Views.

It is indeed in order to celebate the Kenyan genge-tone group Thee Exit Band, after their video ‘Mapenzi Raha’ passed the 100K mark on YouTube.
Being their first project to attract such a high number of views, Thee Exit Band members have all reason to celebrate this great milestone, because it proves their musical ability.

Mapenzi Raha- Thee Exit Band

This means that by midyear ‘Mapenzi Raha’ is likely to have surpassed the 500K mark or maybe more, given the fact that the project is already registering commendable success.
Thee Exit Band is a singing group from Kenya signed to Black Market Records that has released a number of tracks some of which ‘Pombe’ ft Teslah and Chan Chan, ‘Ghetto’ ft Lyrical Doll and Milley, among others.
Thee Exit Band comprises of three members who include; Maxwell Otieno, Meletas Javan Juma and Kevin Athumani.

Thee Exit Band

The group began way early as the band members discovered their gifts at a very young age and since then they have proved that they are a formidable force in Kenya’s music industry.

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