‘Things In My Mind’ EP By Thee Exit Band Now On Spotify

Thee Exit Band


By Gloria Nanjala
Kenya’s music scene has developed immensely and with new band groups like Thee Exit Band coming into the music limelight, we receive great and inspiring music from all over the regions each day.

As result of the development of the industry, Digital Streaming Platforms (DSPs) like Spotify, Deezer, Mdundo and others have made it easy to access a lot of mixes and albums from different Kenyan artists.

Thee Exit Band, for example, have their latest project, an EP dubbed Things In My Mind, all aligned perfectly for streaming on Spotify.

Thee Exit Band is singing group of three artists namely; Mark, Javan and Kevin.
These guys have been on the music radar for a short time but they are definitely leaving a positive impact on the music scene, thanks to their charming voices and incredible sounds.

The team has stood the test of time and managed to stay relevant by dropping new music back-to-back their EP Things In My Mind being their latest studio project.

Thee Exit Band also collaborated on the monstrous Kenyan party anthem ‘Kuna Kuna’ with Vic West, Fathermoh, Brandy Main and Savara, which is  a sensation amongst youths all over  the world.

Their EP Things In My Mind is a 7-song studio project with appearances from renowned artists like Teslah and Unspoken Salaton.

The songs include; ‘Lala’, ‘Love’, ‘Sererka’, ‘Rithika’’, ‘Things In My Mind’, ‘Popo’ and ‘Come Over’.
The innovativeness and energy exhibited in these songs, especially ‘Popo’, is enough to make you want to shake a leg regardless of your musical inclination.

Their persistent nature in the music industry has seen them regularly change their sound to remain relevant and appeal to a broader audience, just like they do in this new project, yet their live performances are incredible too.

Check out the songs on the Things In My Mind EP because now available on Spotify now.

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