Today\’s Author Dares To Compare Thee Exit Band\’s Love Song To The Famous Art piece, Monalisa.

By Miriam,

When The Mona Lisa was painted, every soul that had a single fibre of art in them, every vein that flowed creativity in it, lovers of art and every eye that was keen to detail was surely marveled by the magnificent piece of art.

However, one need not fret upon hearing Love by Thee Exit Band. Because Love, unlike the Mona Lisa is an incredibly put together masterpiece. This love song is a classic just like The Mona Lisa, the only difference is that one is a painting, and the other one is a song.

Trickling down to more details on this song, it is quite unavoidable to comment on the beats which not only give chills but also thrills once you listen to it. Love bleeds surreal or rather dreamlike emotions.

When the legends behind this masterpiece, who are signed under Black Market Records were questioned during an exclusive interview on the song, they said, “Love is one of the greatest emotions to ever exist. Our muse was the emotion, Love itself. A few months later, a masterpiece was born!”
Moreover, the trio have more in-store for their doting fans. “Hii ni kionjo tu!” They teased. Click on the link provided to get some taste of Love by Thee Exit Band.

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