Today\’s Author Dares To Compare Swat Matire To The Gengetone King.

By Rachel,

This is just my opinion, do not get salty about it… But if the shoe fits, you go ahead and wear it.

Have you listened to the new trending song Katanuka by Swat Matire ft Squidkeed and Ocham? If not, then you\’re missing out on some good vibes. Swat has dropped yet another banger Katanuka with some exceptional beats and lyricism.

Swat has been among the founders of Gengetone music genre that pushed Kenyan entertainment scene to the next level world wide. He has contributed to a lot of hit songs like Big man Bazu, Lamba lolo and many more hit songs that he has featured in.

Swat\’s success to his talent is through his determination and tenacity to push his creative limits to be a hit maker with his flock of loyal fans that he has created with his appealing music taste. Check out swat\’s new song Katanuka using the link below.

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