Top Trending From Black Market Records Africa.

Ex By Swat Matire.

Ex takes us through a love roller-coaster, a bitter love ending story and toxicity all combined. In this anecdote, Swat aims to educate and shed light on venomous and destructive relationships that have left a great number of people broken and lost. With Shekina\’s performance skills and vitality, the two engage in a rather messy rap battle. A stand up act that will go down in history as one of a kind.

Soko By Mbuzi Gang Ft HarryCraze & Unspoken Salaton.

Rather controversial yet so captivating, Soko is a masterpiece from the three man group Mbuzi Gang. In this song, they introduce Unspoken Salaton, a poetic creator in the making and feature HarryCraze, the one and only. Soko challenges one to move past relationships like a gangster. Once it\’s over, one has to move on and move on quick.

Wangi By Nina Roz.

Uganda\’s very own jewel is trending everywhere with her latest song Wangi. With beauty, euphonious voice and great presentation skills, Nina Roz strikes you as one made for the books. Wangi is a love song, one you should have a listen to. She is taking over the Ugandan music scene with valor and approbation.

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