Unspoken Salaton Returns With New EP ‘Audacity’

Unspoken Salaton

By Isaac Tugume

Kenya’s youngest rapper Unspoken Salaton is back on the music scene, this time round with a breathtaking EP dubbed ‘Audacity’.

The ‘Audacity’ EP, which is dropping on YouTube via Black Market Records a few days from now, is a carefully selected full package of Unspoken Salaton’s greatest rap jams.

Known for his energetic flow and smooth lyrics coupled with astounding writing skills, all the songs on Unspoken Salaton’s ‘Audacity’ EP are simply irresistible.

Fire-spitting Unspoken Salaton is a poetic rapper who began his music hustle with words as a teenager and hasn’t ceased chasing his dreams of becoming ginormous since then.

He is known for reverberating bangers like ‘No Time’, ‘Mambo Ni Mengi’, ‘Whoa’ among others and has done several collabos with top Kenyan artists like the Mbuzi Gang, Teshboy, to mention but a few.

 All his songs, which come in a mixture of Kiswahili and English,  spur intense emotions, make you feel good and will have you immediately grooving away.

Click the link to check out the promo trailer for Unspoken Salaton’s new EP ‘Audacity’ on YouTube.  

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