Unspoken Salaton’s New EP The Audacity Ripe For Unveiling

Unspoken Salaton

By Isaac Tugume

Kenyan ace rapper Unspoken Salaton’s new EP The Audacity is ready for unveiling and is officially premiering on YouTube on Tuesday November 02, 2022.

Unspoken Salaton’s new EP The Audacity is a systematic collection of nerve-wracking jams that are aimed at treating fans to timeless entertainment.

The Audacity is a project which proves that Unspoken Salaton is not only a talented rapper but also the fact that he has lived up to the hype he has been causing on social media, plus both on TV and radio stations across East Africa.

This particular studio project, which will by all means cement Unspoken Salaton’s name as a formidable rapper, comes with the following track list;  ‘Audacity, ‘Katika’, ‘Remind Me’ Ft. Teslah & Joefes, ‘You’ Ft. Teslah, ‘Love me’ Ft Zealosh, ‘Control’, ‘Mbona Unashout’  and  ‘Mambo Ni Mengi’.

  Should you be in the mood to listen to dope Kenyan rap music that will make you love and appreciate what the Kenyan hip hop scene has to offer, then Unspoken Salaton’s EP The Audacity better be your first option and probably the only one.

Say no to bad music by tapping the link to stream Unspoken Salaton’s freshest EP The Audacity on YouTube.  

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