Von Sway Dominates Airwaves With ‘Street Knowledge’ Album.

Talented American rapper Von Sway is enjoying massive airplay, thanks to his album ‘Street Knowledge’, which has made him hit the airwaves.
Von Sway’s album ‘Street Knowledge’, which is being distributed by Black Market Records boasts of 12 dope tracks that can’t leave any one listening to them seated down.


The album features the following jams which were written by Von Sway; ‘Tap In’, ‘Drug Dealers Dream’, ‘Real Niggas’, ‘I Don’t Trust U Bitch’, ‘Smoke’, ‘I ain’t Fuckin With It’, ‘Street Life’, ‘Makin Love’, ‘Can’t Fuck Wit Me,’ ‘Can You Feel Me’, ‘R.I.P’ and ‘G.A.N.S.T.A’.
An ideal compilation for all underground rap music lover, ‘Street Knowledge’ is an epic project from Von Sway with lyrics that are not so explicit, which qualifies as both a dancehall and family production.
Born in Brooklyn, USA, Davonte’ aka Von Sway, who is signed to Black Market Records, started rapping at the age of eighteen.
Von Sway grew up in a family where music came naturally and although he started out with a gospel upbringing, he later explored other genres of music.
Doc Ice of the hip-hop group U.T.F.O. happened to notice Von Sway’s talent at fifteen years old.


After their initial meeting the hip-hop icon was so impressed that he immediately introduced the then young talent to his production team of C. Roc, Re Re, and Khaliq Bey (Brothers & Sisters Entertainment).
It was at that point the road to creating a future star in Von Sway began.
Watching others in the studio writing and producing music for him inspired him to pick up the pen and today he boasts of being talented singer/songwriter/ producer.
Working hard to become the ultimate entertainer Von Sway has performed alongside platinum recording artists Wyclef Jean, Bilal, and Doctor Ice throughout New York City and New Jersey.

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