Wah Wah Song Imeweza!!

By Muli,

Once upon a time, the greatest of all times decided to come together to form one insane music group. I’m talking about Mbuzi Gang signed under Black Market Records, and if you have listened to them, you surely know that their songs are MAD!

Comprising of Joefes, iPhoolish and Fathermoh, the Three wise goats as they like to call themselves are well recognized for their crazy talent in music especially in Gengetone.

If you’ve heard “Shamra Shamra” and “Sherehe Sheria”, you obviously know that the trio were behind those insane lyrics. As though they haven’t done enough by making us break our backs on the dance floor, the three wise goats did the most in an effort to revolutionize Gengetone music by releasing another jam, “Wah Wah” featuring Katapila and Silverstone Bars.

Guys, I dare say that this song is a banger, with over 70k views on YouTube. Truly, the rappers did not disappoint as they gave off some chill ass hip-hop vibes. Not to mention some clean lyrics. Have I talked about the beats? Killa!

If you have not yet listened to them, what are you waiting for. Click on the link below. Do not be left behind!


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