We Are Vibing To Lexxy Yung\’s Heartbreak EP This Weekend.

We are spontaneously growing fond of the Heartbreak EP by Lexxy Yung and what a turn of events. The EP which is a combination of seven love songs tells a tale of heartbreak as described.

The album which is posted on the Sailors channel is at a high rate performance. Click the link below to access the songs.


Lexxy began his gospel career early 2021 after quiting the five member group Sailors Gang and \”being saved\”. After the departure he has released songs like Yesu Ndiye Boss (Acapella), Tamtam featuring Steph Kapela and his upcoming EP Heartbreak that\’ll premier on Friday 13th May 2022. The EP comprises of songs; Penzi, Highschool, Yesu Kam, Njujuri, Heartbreak, Ndendech, Where Are You and Birthday song alongside Wangechi Wambura.

Out of all the songs in the short album, I felt that Lexxy did try to make an effort on Highschool giving it some sauce. However, the Birthday Song featuring Wangechi Wambura is rather enjoyable and authentic. It is a sweet party song that urges people to let loose and just enjoy life.

Lexxy Yung\’s whole vibe is powerful as he unleashes strong emotions on Yesu Kam and good rhymes on Highschool.

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