When Swat Matire Decided To Feature Shekinah On Ex.

By Gloria,

Swat has featured Shekinah in his latest drop, Ex.

Female singers like Shekina are much applauded for being lyrical and emotive when rapping. She\’s got it hard and thanks to SWAT we are much aware of her capabilities in the gengetone world.

It\’s safe to say that she\’s headed to the Stella Mwangi and Muthoni the Drummer Queen\’s world. Her confidence, the vocal delivery, the rhythm in her rap is just great.
Shekina Karen has featured in Khali Cartel 4, made history with her rap style dueting with Katapila. A masterpiece by the Og himself.
Swat undeniably has an eye for great talent and would like to see his peers succeed too, whether female or male. His song ,Katanuka has also featured great upcoming artists like Squidkeed ft Ocham. A great jam with good vibes.
The song ,Ex, is about two ex lovers ,with the girl trying to get in touch and just saying hello to the boy but memories kick in and they start throwing shade on each other.
Show some love for Ex on all digital platforms,support our young ones doing the most.
Shekinah Karen does covers to different songs, including Odinare, featuring Khaligraph Jones.

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