Zari Dancers Africa Release Official ‘Kelewa’ Video.

Budding teenage dance group, the Zari Dancers Africa, have released the official video for their ‘Kelewa’ song, which is doing rounds on airwaves the continent.
The ‘Kelewa’ video which was superbly choreographed by the Zari Dancers Africa, is currently one of the biggest projects by the Zari Dancers Africa, who are a dancing group signed to Black Market Records.

Although they are currently trending with ‘Kelewa’, the Zari Dancers have done several projects with a number of big-name artistes in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and other countries.

Kelewa- Zari Dancers Africa

For instance, the Zari Dancers in 2021 featured in several songs released under Black Market Records that include: ‘Bambi’ (Mbuzi Gang), ‘This Boy’ (Angella Katatumba), \’Ukam\’ by Boondocks Gang ft Mbuzi Gang and ‘Call Me’ by Junior Gentle.
Some of the big-name Ugandan artistes they have worked with include; David Lutalo (Onsanula), Daxx Kartel (Omupangisa), Aziz Azion, Mesach Semakula (Onkuba), Pastor Wilson Bugembe, Gravity Omutujju, Fik Fameica (Muko), among others.

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