Zari Dancers Africa: Ugandan Teenagers That Are Revolutionising The Entertainment Industry.

The Ugandan entertainment industry is taking a new shape, whereby although it was initially dominated by adults, the industry is nowadays attracting youngsters and teenage performers to exploit their talents.
One of the teenage groups that is promoting this revolution in the entertainment industry is known as the Zari Dancers Africa, who are a dancing and singing outfit.

Signed to Black Market Records, the Zari Dancers, who have a new video out titled ‘Dike’, have set a trend that other teenage entertainment groups like the Ghetto Kids, Galaxy Dancers and others can only pick a leaf from.
Although ‘Dike’ is their newest project, the Zari Dancers have been on the entertainment scene for a long time, having stormed the limelight after they dropped their debut video ‘Kelewa’.

Zari Dancers Africa

Having mastered the art of choreography, the Zari Dancers are currently one of the most sought after teenage performing groups, because of the vibrant experience they breathe into every music video they choreograph.
Over time, the Zari Dancers have choreographed music videos for several artists in Uganda and across East Africa, some of which include; David Lutalo (Onsanuula), Daxx Kartel (Omupangisa), Mesarch Ssemakula (Onkuba), Aziz Azion, Pastor Wilson Bugembe, Gravity Omutujju and Fik Fameica (Muko) (Bambi) by Mbuzi Gang, (This Boy) by Angella Katatumba, (For You) by Shakira Shakiraa, (Bwoti) by Daddy Andre feat Fik Fameica and (Call Me) by Junior Gentle, among others.

Zari Dancers Africa

It should be noted that the Zari Dancers initially started out as a simple idea that was hatched by a group of four youths namely; Zaina aka Zari, Josephine (DVJ Nagi), Mathew (Mc Mist) and Saudah in 2013, when they started gathering young kids from the neighboring ghetto homesteads, who they sensitized about the effects of getting involved in criminal activities.
Around 2013, the group kicked off their commercial dancing career and their dreams took a dramatic turn when they were signed up by Black Market Records in 2021 after the record label’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Cedric Singleton picked interest in their performances.
Since then, they have never looked back and have gone ahead to do one great project after another and recently they have since scooped a segment in Alex Muhangi’s weekly Comedy Store show, during which they thrill revellers with their energetic performances.

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