Zari Dancers Release Official Video For New Jam ‘Dike’.

We have a new group of talented teenagers known as the Zari Dancers Africa, who have since taken the Ugandan entertainment scene by surprise.
After mastering the art of choreography and urban entertainment, the Zari Dancers have unleashed a stunning new video dubbed ‘Dike’, which is bound to be the talk of town for several months to come.

The ‘Dike’ video, which is distributing via Black Market Records, is another masterpiece from the Zari Dancers that yet again exhibits their unmatched talent and is evidence that they are not a joking subject in the music industry.
With ‘Dike’, which comes on the heels of their debut video ‘Kelewa’, the Zari Dancers move a notch higher in Uganda’s musical rankings and earned themselves a name as one of the most sought-after entertainment groups in Uganda.

It is for that reason that they have over time worked with several other big-name musicians from Uganda and around East Africa, an opportunity that has given them great exposure and helped them up their game in the music industry.
You can stream ‘Dike’ or any other project by the Zari Dancers via Black Market Records platforms on YouTube, Apple Music, iTunes or any other digital music streaming platforms.

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