‘Zimeripoti’ By Odi Wa Muranga Electrifies Fans In Nigeria

Odi Wa Muranga

By Isaac Tugume

We recently revealed that Odi Wa Muranga is taking Gengetone music to the world with his latest hit ‘Zimeripoti’, which is rocking East Africa.

Well, indeed several countries are responding to the jam, with the latest being Nigeria, where fans have since embraced ‘Zimeripoti’.

On top of doing rounds on airwaves, ‘Zimeripoti’ is also one of the few music videos from East Africa that are receiving YouTube streams from Nigeria.

A fan in Nigeria only identified as Spoil3r.Official, who is madly in love with ‘Zimeripoti’ after streaming the video on YouTube said that; “We as Nigeria approve this as a banger! We love you Kenya.”

But after rocking Nigerian fans we can assure you that ‘Zimeripoti’, which has over 14K YouTube views almost two weeks after it dropped, continues to get bigger each day by attracting more fans from around the world.

If you are a Gengetone enthusiast, there is no way you are going to pass by without clicking the link to stream ‘Zimeripoti’.

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