Team Psycho-Kenya

Recording Artist

Team Psycho is an upcoming musical group from Kangemi. The group consist of three artists; Joseph Hill, Iano Mambling mbling and Bunny Nduati. Before Team Psycho found their niche in the music industry they lived a life of crime, so that they could provide for themselves. One day, while the group was planning their next course of action for the upcoming day, Joseph heard a beat coming from his neighbor house and told Iano “no shut up” but in Sheng “Kata Tenje Iano” then Bunny Nduati started making the chorus they started freestyling. They finally were on to something great and legal. The group decided to sell all their belongings and go to the studio, once there they found out they didn’t have enough money for the production. They didnt let this discouraged them and decided to go forward and shoot the video themselves by using a camera phone to shoot their first track and relea

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