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Groove Fusion; Onoozina By Nina Roz

Need a party anthem? Look no further. “Onoozina” is the perfect soundtrack for any party, nightclub, or bar scene. Nina Roz has dropped ‘Onoozina,’ a dance anthem that’s taking over Uganda, and East Africa too! This dance craze track showcases Nina Roz’s evolution as an artist, songwriter, and performer. The anticipation from her social media teasers has finally paid off as ‘Onoozina’ is now available on YouTube and all streaming platforms. The energy and excitement in this song are off the charts! Producer Daddy Andre’s beats set the perfect vibe, and Nina Roz’s lyrics are pure fire. The background chants will have you chanting along to ‘Ni Furahiday,’ bringing that Friday feeling any day of the week. If you want to have a good day or night out, hitting the dance floor, and living it up, ‘Onoozina’ is your new anthem. Don’t miss out on the fun, crank up ‘Onoozina’ by Nina Roz and let the music take you away!

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Heavy Cane, Teslah Throw A Street Dance Party In “One Legee” Video

Heavy Cane and Teslah have dropped their highly anticipated music video for “One Legee” on YouTube. “One Legee” encourages everyone to move their bodies. The chorus invites listeners to “twende one lege,” urging them to dance freely. Whether you’re in a big circle or swaying side to side, the beat compels you to let loose. It’s a celebration of movement, joy, and rhythm. This dynamic collaboration between two talented artists has fans grooving to the afro-fusion beat and marveling at the visually stunning elements in the video. Chemy, the mastermind behind the visuals, deserves special recognition. The video comes alive with vibrant colors, energetic dancers, and mesmerizing scenes. Whether it’s the pulsating rhythm or the intricate choreography, every frame is a feast for the eyes. Prepare to be transported into a world where music and visuals collide. Don’t miss out on this hit! Head over to YouTube and witness the magic of “One Legee.” Heavy Cane and Teslah have created something truly special—a music video that transcends boundaries and leaves an indelible mark. Listen below;

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Teslah’s Electrifying Performance of ‘On Me’: A Crowd-Pleasing Musical Visualizer!

You’ve got to check out Teslah’s visualizer for track number 3 from her Situationships EP titled “On Me.” In the video, you’ll see Teslah singing and grooving to the song with a microphone in hand. The visuals were beautifully captured and edited by Director Chemy. “On Me” is a heartfelt love song where Teslah expresses her deep feelings to her partner, letting them know that she’s fallen for them and is willing to be by their side no matter what. Fans are going crazy over this song as Teslah delivers powerful performances both in recordings and live shows. Teslah is not only captivating her fans but also impressing critics with her sultry and inviting music. The vibe of “On Me” is truly irresistible and will draw you in from the start. Don’t miss out on experiencing Teslah’s amazing visualizer for “On Me” and make sure to stream her EP on YouTube for more of her fantastic music. Cheers to Teslah’s success!

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Legion East Unleashes Visualizer To ‘Dangerous’

Check out Legion East’s new visualizer for his latest track ‘Dangerous’, on YouTube. The visualizer has captured the hearts of many Ugandans, thanks to his wow performance. From his muse, the extras to how Legion East sings too, it’s just exciting! This song is all about the high life, tailored for those who love to live lavishly and flaunt their style. Legion East skillfully crafts a visually stunning experience that will capture your attention! With ‘Dangerous’, Legion East aims to infuse every moment of your life with unforgettable memories. His music exudes nothing but positive vibes for you, dear reader, to enjoy. Prepare for an exhilarating ride with ‘Dangerous’ alongside your friends, as Legion East brings the party to life with this track. Watch below;

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