‘Hatukuelewi’ Masterminds Boondocks Gang Back With New EP Dubbed Ghetto Genius

Boondocks Gang

By Gloria Nanjala

It’s been a long wait for the release of the Boondocks Gang  new EP, but after days of promises, teasing and delays, the group has finally released their new studio project, Ghetto Genius.

It’s a wild understatement to say that the project was highly-anticipated for nothing, because it was really for a good cause.

The music — the audios the singers have shared so far — is already squarely meeting them, if not exceeding them.

The collaborated effort included on their projects ‘Naskia Wah’ and the newly teased ‘Izi Ni Gani’ are already indicating another fruitful release in the cards for the ‘Hatukuelewi’ singers.

The EP is already creating a buzz in the music industry, garnering cheers from all around, with each audio approaching 1k YouTube views.

Boondocks Gang are trying to keep up with this month’s best and most exciting new music like ‘Kuna Kuna’ and ‘Chunli’, establishing a firm base as the most exciting artists of all time.

The EP features appearances from Unspoken Salaton and Ethic Entertainment, limited collaborations with the best in the rap game, all of whom add their personal touches to Ghetto Genius creations.

The project dropped two days ago and is available on YouTube and all digital platforms for streaming.

Stream Ghetto Genius on YouTube via the link.

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