Thee Exit Band On The Quest To Being The Next Big Thing.

If you play music with passion, love and honesty, then it will nourish your soul, heal your wounds and make life worth living.

Thee Exit Band is a Nairobi based band including Mr Mk, Javan and Jovah. The trio are what I would describe as admirable. From their work ethic to impeccable voices, they have managed to steal our hearts and so will they glide into yours.

As we take a walk down memory lane, let\’s uncover some of their magnificent tracks from when they released Ghetto to now their upcoming tracks.

Ghetto is a sweet sounding melody made to let the crowd identify with their origin; where they began their story. The video was shot in the Ghetto and compliments the song. The group went on to produce other tracks under Black Market Records including Pombe where they featured Teslah and Chan Chan and my personal favorite Mapenzi Raha. All these are easily accessible through the link below.

Thee Exit Band pride in inborn depths and ability to relate to other people through their art. They are very young and destined for greatness.

Special moments include surprising Mwalimu Rachel live on radio for Valentines day.

Check out their content and don\’t forget to subscribe to their channel.

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